St. Stanislaus Cemetery

Welcome to St. Stanislaus Cemetery. Catholic cemeteries make up part of a long standing ministry of the Church. It is considered an act of mercy to bury a loved one. The cemetery provides the place where this act of mercy is made visible. As such, cemeteries are meant to be religious in character. The Church makes space for grieving families and friends to help cope with the death of a loved one. The cemetery itself puts into perspective the concept of eternal life. Therefore, these grounds are considered to be sacred, a place of prayer. At St. Stanislaus cemetery, we seek to foster an environment where love is remembered, hope is renewed, and faith is strengthened.
The cemetery is located on Boron St. in South Deerfield, MA (just off of Thayer St).

It is operated and maintained by Holy Family Parish, located at 29 Sugarloaf St South Deerfield, MA.

For more information about the cemetery, burials, purchasing a burial plot, or about the rules and regulations, please call the parish office: 413-665-3254.