(Sponsored by Saint Anne’s Sodality and The Knights of Columbus)

Our Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast was one of the many parish Lenten events that brought us together after two years of COVID pandemic isolation. Events that enable and develop fellowship …

“Down through the centuries, friendship has been (and still is) a pathway along which many men and women have come close to God and gone to heaven.”

Fr. Francis Fernandez, Conversation with God: Daily Meditations Volume 2: Lent and Eastertide

We cooked over 800 pancakes along with breakfast sausages and bacon, which fed 122 hungry parishioners. The parish hall was filled with joyful chatter, smiles, and laughter from when the cooks began at 7am until noon when the volunteers completed the clean-up. Thanks to the community that made this such a successful event, including the businesses that donated goods, the volunteers, and all those who brought their appetite.
A special thanks to the Gray Family who donated the delicious Pure Maple Syrup and the Florence Flower & Gift Shop for the beautiful flower arrangements. This was a great community event!