Holy Family Roman Catholic Church


​​ 29 Sugarloaf St. South Deerfield, Ma 01373
                   Phone:  413 665-3254

Mass Times:  Daily Monday - Thursday 8am
Friday Communion Service 8:00am, First Friday Mass 8:00am
Saturday 4pm, Sunday 8am and 10:30am       
Confessions: Saturday at 3:00pm or by appointment

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Donate to Holy Family Parish
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From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends,
In my homily a few weeks ago, as I was reflecting on the last 2 years as your pastor, I mentioned that we have had great momentum in this parish since my arrival. This new found energy has come by way of the fact that people have stepped up to intentionally form a vibrant community. We have more people and more volunteers. As I said, it is the people that makes a community great. If you recall, one of the three major agenda items on my list as your pastor is fellowship - bringing people together to help each other grow in faith and holiness. The more people we know in our "church family" the more people that will help in volunteering and attend different events. Let me add too, that I am deeply grateful to those who volunteer to make those events and gatherings come together. Those things could not be done without you! 
Earlier this month we held our 2nd annual volunteer fair. The fair was a success and not in two ways. It was a success because it brought folks together for fellowship. Yet, it was unsuccessful as it did not yield the results for which we hoped. The need is out there for people to help in various groups, organizations and ministries but this time, we did not experience the same impact as last year's fair. It was, to say the least, rather disappointing. We are especially hurting with low numbers for liturgical ministers (lectors, Ministers of Holy Communion and Altar Servers). Therefore, once again, I am reaching out to ask you to step up again. As I keep saying, the parish comes alive when people come together and make it, not just a church community, but a family. To all the behind the scenes volunteers who made the volunteer fair come together, THANK YOU! You are an example of love and dedication to the parish. Know that I am grateful too for the love and support of all of our parishioners. Always in my prayers.
God bless!