Holy Family Roman Catholic Church


​​ 29 Sugarloaf St. South Deerfield, Ma 01373
                   Phone:  413 665-3254

Mass Times:  Daily Monday - Thursday 8am
Friday Communion Service 8:00am, First Friday Mass 8:00am
Saturday 4pm, Sunday 8am and 10:30am       
Confessions: Saturday at 3:00pm or by appointment

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Donate to Holy Family Parish
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From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends,
This past Monday I was sitting by a fire in the rectory and praying the evening prayer of the day. True to form in my Advent tradition, I was going through Christmas cards from last year and praying for those folks. While reading the cards I didn't notice that the fire had all but gone out. I got up, turned the log, added another piece of wood and some paper. In no time at all, the fire was roaring again and I could go back to my prayers. 
I couldn't help but think about that fire in light of the ups and downs of faith. Often, because we get so caught up in our lives, the flame of faith, the fire of love for God in our hearts, can grow cold and dim awfully quick. In those moments, we need to "stoke the fire." This is what makes these special liturgical season so important in our spiritual lives. Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter provide an opportunity to rekindle the flames of faith in our hearts. Our spiritual preparation for Christmas is like stoking the fire. 
So, what are you doing to prepare your heart, mind and soul for Christmas? How are you preparing to meet Christ again? What kind of Advent plan have you made that will aid in this spiritual preparation? How are you stoking the fire? 
Remember that we have a couple of wonderful events coming up - Lessons and Carols on Sunday December 17th at 7pm; Advent Penance Service Tuesday December 19th at 7pm. These events along with the available materials - such as the Advent Prayer Book - all provide a way for us to stoke the fire. As such, we will not miss Him when He comes and Christ will find us "watching" and waiting for His arrival with a love rekindled. 
God bless you!