Holy Family Roman Catholic Church


​​ 29 Sugarloaf St. South Deerfield, Ma 01373
                   Phone:  413 665-3254

Mass Times:  Daily Monday - Thursday 8am
Friday Communion Service 8:00am, First Friday Mass 8:00am
Saturday 4pm, Sunday 8am and 10:30am       
Confessions: Saturday at 3:00pm or by appointment

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Donate to Holy Family Parish
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From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Friends
Often when I reflect on the Holy Family I feel a little bad for Joseph. Why? Well, because think about it: Mary is Immaculate, conceived without sin; Jesus is the Son of God, also sinless... Poor Joseph is the only one with sin in this household! It must have been interesting! Nonetheless, Sacred Scripture calls him "a righteous man". This is a title not often found in Scripture and thus, not one that is used lightly. The righteousness of Joseph means that he is "morally upright, without guilt or sin." He is thus, a holy and virtuous man who trusts in the wisdom and will of God. He provides for the men of our parish, including myself, a perfect example of what it means to be a man of faith and integrity. Yet, wives and children are not without the example of Jesus and Mary. Together, the family of Nazareth teaches us how a family is to journey together. They teach us of the importance of trusting in God and the beauty of sacrifice and love. 
Families in our world today are not perfect... even the family of a priest! Some families are broken up by divorce. Others struggle to stay together. The consequences of our sins can sometimes be overwhelming and have an effect on our home life. This is why the example of our Holy Family is so important for our faith in today's world. That no matter what our circumstance we look to Mary for comfort and solace. We look to Joseph for courage and trust. We turn to Jesus to learn obedience and mercy. 
On this our Parish's Feast Day, while we may not have the perfect family, we have each other... we have our parish family. We journey together in faith in support of one another. Therefore, may we lift each other up in prayer this day, asking that the Holy Family of Nazareth lead us on our pilgrimage, encouraging us in virtue, and helping us to become holy ourselves... a "holy family."

God bless!