This is an important plea for your attendance at the upcoming Easthampton City Council Meeting on Wednesday July 5 – 5:45pm at 50 Payson Avenue in Easthampton.

There will be a vote on the proposed Ordinance which would limit and potentially hurt Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers like Bethlehem House. We are trying to get as many people to attend as possible!

Most of you know the amazing work that Bethlehem House has done for so many years in supporting young mothers to be, who are in difficult circumstances. A great number of volunteers work under the leadership of Pam Hibbard in supporting women who choose to keep their babies but may need a little help.

Over more than the last year, the City of Easthampton has proposed an Ordinance against what they say are “deceptive” practices of Pro Life Pregnancy Centers like Bethlehem House. There are no deceptive practices, but this may be part of a coordinated effort by pro-choice advocates and organizations who have targeted cities around the country to begin to undermine the good work of places like Bethlehem House. This Ordinance – if passed – would attract the attention of other similar-minded communities to also enact such Ordinances – and in the case of Easthampton – could begin the work of undermining what Bethlehem House has been doing. We know it has already made Bethlehem House and Clearway Clinic, a target of vandalism. This is a critical issue and time!

We are asking as many of you as possible, to attend this meeting, which we hope will overflow the Council Chambers and make a statement!. Some individuals will speak on points in opposition to the Ordinance, but those will be limited to residents of Easthampton. We believe a vote will be taken that evening to pass the Ordinance, and our presence will make a great deal of difference! Please pass this invitation along to others. We are also extending this invitation to our brothers and sisters of other faiths who also defend the right to life! Anyone may attend and is welcome!

May God bless our efforts to defend LIFE!