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August 26, 2022

Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends,
Last week, the Church provided us with a really interesting Gospel account on salvation. Christ’s disciples ask Him, “how many will be saved?” This has been a topic of debate for centuries. And I like to dabble in Bishop Barren’s homilies and writings from time to time who weighs in on salvation and receives criticism. He believes that “all men have a reasonable hope of salvation.” He was cordially ambivalent of responding to this gospel in his homily last week, but he persisted anyway. Personally, I enjoy his work, and admire the fact he puts out good content, but I don’t agree with his conclusion that “all men will be saved”. The development of his argument with his premises are very clear and seemingly true from my perspective, but there is a major jump to a conclusion that all men have a reasonable hope of salvation, which seems a little far- fetched. It is worth the debate to come to a deeper understanding in our faith.

Also last week, I came across a story of the funeral of Raymond Diocres that I have to share with you. He was a highly respected man in his community with seemingly many admirable qualities. He died in Paris in 1084AD. He rose from the dead during his funeral service with hundreds in attendance with despair in his eyes says “By the judgement of God, I have been accused, judged and condemned.” When we hear a story like this, we have a choice; we can dismiss it, or we can ask what we can learn. To be judged, accused and condemned means there was a serious sin that Raymond held onto. When we look at ourselves, what do we hold on to, when was our last good confession? It is so easy to point fingers at others who are not living up to what we would think is the standard. However, it is God who sets the standard.

Every day, we should ask ourselves, am I living by God’s standard. When we approach this question with grace and humility, this puts us in the best possible position for salvation and commending ourselves to the mercy of God. For more information on this topic, you can look up Bishop Barren’s latest homily on YouTube. Raymond Diocres can be Googled and the topic of salvation is in Lumen Gentium, paragraph 16. God is good, He creates us without us, but He does not save us without us.

I wish you an abundance of God’s peace to you and your families.
Sincerely Yours,

Fr. David Aufiero

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